The Pierre Beaubien Foundation wishes to contribute to the promotion of culture in many different ways, because we are sensitive to share with individuals his traditions, values and expectations.

We are also hoping to become carriers of projects associated to local and territorial communities working toward the discovery of their artistic identity and their cultural heritage.

Symbiosis between determination and education allow individual to better understand and master the evolution of his community by overcoming the contradictions between culture that makes individuals to be passionate about it and the education which gives individuals knowledge.

Among our objectives, we formulate the wish that a great number of young teenagers and young adults can have a full access to liberal expression of their own artistic and cultural projects.

By heart and passion, art and culture, it is possible to regenerate our individual and collective values from education, history and from the awareness of natural, human and patrimonial resources.

In this perspective, the Foundation will stay open to receive structured projects related to the contribution of knowledge, the patrimony preservation, the artistic creation in the diversity, and public awareness to long-term development as well guiding youth in different fields where culture and education, will help to enrich their values and their legitimate expectations.

"Culture is the little branch that flowers to the tree of education."