The Pierre Beaubien Foundation wants to make sure that education, under all legitimate approaches, stays a priority in order to attain his humanitarian objectives.

In order to contribute into the realization of his goals, the Foundation strongly believes that part of the humanity’s future goes through a transparent and effective education.

A good promotion of common effort and the free exchange of information also is the ideal runway for us to tie ourselves to the respect of basic and legitimate values of different communities on a planetary scale.

A greater opportunity in education also favors a high-quality integration of our effort in the purpose to allow humanity to acquire a great number of intellectual tools in order to build their own future.

As for the financial availabilities, The Foundation also believes that an education oriented toward solidarity, justice and the sharing of knowledge will allow each of us to contribute his share into rational and durable value of our social, natural, and ecological resources.

Knowing to evolve and to success in this new millennium which has become more intolerable and competitive, has to be tame by the power and transparence of knowledge if that is necessary to support our own lives.

"Education is this small path that leads to the pride of success."