The Pierre Beaubien Foundation formulates the intention to associate itself to the idea that each human being can take action in daily rituals to promote clean energy to help and enforce the quality of life which is currently battling in different areas of the world.

To this day, the Foundation wants vividly to support intelligent actions in order to diminish diverse sources of pollution which currently is provoking dangerous interference in the diverse forms of life on our planet.

We have to take action right away to all steps of decisions and interventions and to put into action scientific progress dedicated to clean, reliable and durable energy.

Each ingenious effort and each intervention encouraging a fine balance between ecology, energy and economy should get particular attention.

The Foundation finally wishes to do his part in the research and development of modest and functional technologies which have the possibility to produce energetic resources so it can give back to our blue planet its worth.

" If you have the control of a new energetic, clean and durable technology, we would like to be among you."