In his humanitarian, spiritual and universal mission, the Pierre Beaubien Foundation plans to work on the ecological chapter in all aspects.

In this chapter, the Foundation engages itself to do his humanitarian and educational part in the realization of causes related to a healthy exploitation and conservation of our natural resources.

The rational display of the value of nature’s planetary wealth remains a priority that we will support and promote along our universal pathway.

The respect of all environmental elements necessary to the survival as well to the well-being as well to the quality of life of living species stays among our fundamental objectives and which it must be tied to a permanent awareness of any individual living in his own environment.

The Foundation will remain sensitive and interested to imply itself financially in short, middle and long terms in ecological causes supported by individuals or communities devoted to save and protect their own countries.

Our vision of intervention in all levels of decision will substantially be received and understood as an extra help which is essential to the finality of each project having previously been initiated by individuals or groups who have the determination to put in term their project.

At the dawn of the 21st century, our planet is ecologically under artificial respiration and too often sacrificed to devastator interests.

Therefore we wish to participate with you to actions oriented toward a greater respect of our environment on a local, national and planetary scale.

"We believe that you are not alone anymore, and we are hoping to be with you one way or another."