The Pierre Beaubien Foundation strongly believes that personal and collective health from different communities throughout the world is considered as one of the top universal priorities.

Under all shapes, the health of living beings has become more and more vulnerable to abusive exploitations of rich natural and biological resources which are degrading our environment and deteriorate the essence of our quality of life.

The uncontrollable use of our living resources provokes in a betrayal manner, natural disasters which makes us not only victims but the fact that we also participate in irrational behaviors as human beings put in danger the survival of vital elements that are essential to the harmony of our own existence.

Health is essential for the rejuvenation of the human being and is intimately tied to the one of our blue planet who now cannot save his own breath.

In the name of emergency and values, we should prioritize individual and collective approach in ecological health.

Regarding our resources and our availabilities, we finally wish that each citizen intervenes in the heart of the concerns of his community and acts concretely to different stages of the intervention in a manner that every action can be invested in the global improvement of this era well-being.

"All of us should have a fully right to protect and live forever with a good health."