The Pierre Beaubien Foundation firmly believes that nutrition, hunger and poverty all live under the same the roof as the human misery. This plague crosses humanity’s borders throughout generations.

It is sometimes conflicting and inconceivable that the less fortunate in rich and developed countries be as hungry as those from the third world countries.

We think that some solutions remain specifically in the support of organizations devoted to concrete interventions and tightly tied to issues related to food supplies equity, reduction of food access and social equity.

One of the fundamental objectives pursued by the Foundation is to invest part of his resources into where diverse nutrition issues are beyond the simple lack of funds and food.

The Foundation also nourishes in his expectations a favorable prejudice toward those who advocate courage and will power and also to those whose heart wants to put their hands into work in order to improve their own quality of life.

On the stand of a permanent battle for share equity and of universal nutrition resources, the Foundation is making of this cause a mission in order to plea among his privileged contacts to get them involved into interesting and realistic projects.

"The one you are feeding today may have the opportunity to be present the day you’ll need him."