The Pierre Beaubien Foundation demonstrates a great interest to research development as well as to sport’s practices on a regular basis where this participation intimately tied to health, ethics, social cohesion and collective interest.

Our first objective is oriented toward the efforts put into sports which allow to form individuals on a personal and social perspective rather than focusing on performances and the glory of success.

In this view, we wish to invest ourselves in sport’s activities where the personal and social results will influence the youth, the less fortunate, and those whose have been forgotten in this world and the hope it can bring.

The person or the team who is be able to integrate in his/their objectives: education, healthy eating habits and equal share of sport’s values whether it is athletically or morally, should benefits from our commitments.

The Foundation wishes during his interventions to support individuals or their teams who can promote healthy competition, the benefits of their efforts and their success in their communities.

"We want to be your little bottle of water that will allow you to proudly cross the finish line."