Word of the President

The path that traces at the pedestal of passion and friendship is the one that flourishes in the heart of altruism and human solidarity.

We are to recognize that our love for life allows our Foundation to blossom in humanitarian, spiritual and universal sharing.

At the dawn of new millennium, different individuals from diverse backgrounds, from different ages, from different religions or beliefs are associated to the Foundation with charity and determination in the accomplishment of our objectives.

To all of these individuals who are surrounding us such as administrators, secretaries, legal counselors, communicators, scientists, executives, computer scientists and others, the Foundation recognizes their priceless role in the success of our projects.

A human vision shared with the collectivity: an innate generosity, a targeted volunteering work, an intelligent sharing of our resources, a passionate and devoted team and concrete actions having positive effects on the collectivity, are exceptional values with which our collaborators work on a daily basis in order to improve the expectations and the quality of life of modern days.

The Foundation, among his non profit duties, has chosen to exclusively involve itself in interventions related to health, education, culture, environment, nutrition, sport and energy.

However, we believe that some of the projects devoted to natural equilibrium and to human peace may not be validated if our leaders keep neglecting decisions making necessary to equitable and durable developments.

If the protection of the environment and energy production is among your interests, if the world of education and culture fascinates you and if health, nutrition and sport add up to your definition of happiness, we are open to trace few paths with you.

Pierre Beaubien, President-Founder